Takeaway Coffee Cups and Your Business

Why doesn’t CC support compostable coffee cups?

It’s complicated, but we feel you should know.


  1. It doesn’t help with avoiding waste in the first place.
  2. Most cups make claims or look ‘compostable’ but are not…most are not proven to return back to earth entirely
  3. And they usually are costing cafes a lot more!


From cafes, to customers, to recycling facilities there is too much confusion about this type of packaging to have no contamination.

If we said yes to one cup, then every type of cup will end up in the bin and contaminating the composting process.

Did you know in 75% of cases a compostable packaging version has a much higher impact on earth’s resources? Find out more here.

They contaminate also our recycling streams because they end up incorrectly placed in the yellow recycling or the green organics bin.

P.S ‘Compostable’ packaging is somewhat the same (please ask us if you are in doubt, we can find a solution!)

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