Circular Bruns 

Byron Shire Council and Circular Cafes are partnering to support Brunswick Heads become leaders in sustainable practices. Circular Bruns is launching in Brunswick Heads as a precinct project.

Through the efforts of each individual food business and the whole community, we will be able to determine the impact a whole business community and town can have on waste reduction.

Not only is Circular Cafes launching in your area, but Council will be coordinating a new pilot to reduce takeaway waste and litter. The pilot, Bring it Back is funded by the NSW EPA.

Combining these projects will give you the opportunity to dramatically reduce your waste going to landfill and make positive change for the future, to save money and protect the local environment.

If you are a food business

You will be able to sign up for the Circular Cafes program and the ‘Bring it Back’ reuse pilot. With your help we can adopt a local circular model that focuses on regenerative processes, recovering more food waste and install infrastructure for a sharing economy. Yes, it sounds big, but you only need to make a few simple changes. Please join us.

Circular Cafes will provide the following support for FREE;

  • Compost caddies and liners for your kitchen.
  • Waste audit
  • Staff training
  • Bin signage.
  • Personalised report for your business

As part of the reusable ‘Bring it Back’ pilot, you will be provided with FREE

  • Reusable containers for take away
  • Collection, sanitisation and delivery of reusable containers
  • Invitation and promotion at the local launch event.
Circular Bruns