Reap the benefits of a regenerative circular economy with the Circular Cafes network.

Eligible businesses* will be provided with the following support for FREE

A Food and Organics service and 240 litre green wheelie bin for one year**.

Compost caddies and liners for your kitchen.

Bin signage.

Invitation and promotion at the local launch event.

A very handy report benchmarking your business. (Great for award submissions!)

You will also be supported with the Circular Cafes toolkit, covering all the tough topics; single use items, cup swap programs, food donation, bioplastics, the best packaging to save you money and where to get it.

You will also be supported by our Circular Café team to help your business take action and kick some serious goals.

*Your business must not have participated in Bintrim Round 3 (Delivered in 2019)
** After one year Councils collection charge for the service will apply if you choose to continue being a legend!